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Jul 18, 2008
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So, before I start the update, I'm curious to know if we have any folks in the South Bend Indiana area? Or close to it? I'm *planning* on nursing school at the moment, but since I could always be wrong (the way I always have) about being meant to do that, I'm still looking at other options. And a friend has hiring authority in the corrections field in that area, at a good entry level salary. So I'm curious to know what the area is like for horses and housing. You know the deal. Any info??

So, I've been job hunting without much success. Am going through the process now to get food stamps. Have applied for unemployment and will claim my first period soon, at which time I'll find out if they'll object or not. Hanging in there financially at the moment.

Went to church with a friend a few weeks ago and loved it. First positive church going experience I have had since I was a little kid. (Just as a side note based on a recent thread, I am leaving behind a twenty year wiccan belief because I've truly felt pulled, not just to God, but to this particular church) I've been going three days a week for service, a bible study and also counseling. Most of the time it's keeping me very positive about the future, but that's still kind of a daily struggle of ups and downs. I'm still praying for clarity about the decisions I have to make soon, though I strangely feel that the church going and study is more important at the moment than anything else. It's almost a compulsion, so I'm trying to go with it.

Tuesday of next week I'm having a hysterectomy before I lose my insurance (long standing problems and two previous surgeries in the last three years. I give up!), so if you don't mind sending some prayers my way at that time, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for all the support, sorry I've been so quiet.



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Well my dear!!!!!!!!! It is good to see your name on the boards again! We missed you. I am glad to hear you are happy with your newfound faith and a new direction. I would love to hear what kind of church too, if you don't want to post, PM.


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Jul 18, 2008
Walton County, NW FL
Thanks for the warm fuzzies! There are so many members here and I'm really so new, I didn't figure I'd be missed.

It's an Anglican church. I love it. I've always been fascinated by the Catholic Church but hated for their clergy that they couldn't marry. Anglicans can. And ours are all married. And the clergy there are truly sincere, loving, faithful people.

Without the new faith I don't think I'd be here now, that's for sure. I see tough times ahead, but I hope that this time I end up where I'm supposed to be.



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God bless you and welcome back. In a day and age when 10% less people in America believe in God than 10 years ago, we need all the believers we can get.

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Sarah, we go thru trials and tribulations to make us dependant on God. He also uses these times to teach us about ourself and shape us into the person we are susposed to be. Times do get hard from time to time, but there is a reason everything happens. God will never give us more than we can handle, and as long as we trust and belive in him, he will never forsake us.


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Thank you for telling your story. It's awesome.

My sister just had a hysterectomy but she had major pain because of growths, tumors, cysts like 7 things total...all this nasty stuff going on there so it was removed and she was to be out for 6 weeks recovering...her time is almost done. She's not one to sit about...she's a mover and a shaker. It's driving her nutty...but her pain has kept her down so she hasn't been able to overdo it.

I have a friend in church who's wife will have one by a small incision in her belly button I think he said and then I believe pulled out her woohoo. ha ha. I guess this is a new way and people do overdo it because there is no major incision keeping them down. But it is amazing what they can do with technology these days.

My sister was being checked for cancer...and having major growths and such removed...so they had to make the upside down T incision...it fell along her c-section scar but it's still ugly. Once it heals I'm sure it will look better though. ha ha...hope I'm not scaring you? Oh and the great news was: My sister had all those scarey nasty things but none of them were cancer!


God is good.

Love in Christ,


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Jul 9, 2008
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welcome back skirbo and welcome to your new found faith - thats quite something
I'm so happy for you, as Miss Jayne's old avatar used to say.. "I'm so happy I could pee"

Sending you warm thoughts, lots of prayers and healthy wishes for your upcoming surgery...


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Oct 9, 2008
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Welcome back skirbo ! Lotsa prayers and good vibes going out for your surgery and life changes in general. You should do a post with "South Bend" , in the title so you make sure members from that area see it. I'm sure you'll get some help from the good people here.

Take care!


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