*UPDATE* coop updated that much better! ;)

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    Jun 18, 2008
    My coop is farly new even though we have had chickens for over 6 years. we use to let our chickens roam freely and use the hay sheds for there shed. they use to find there owne water and food because the were never by the goat pen were we now have them but there is a stream that runs through and there is grain, oats, bugs, grass, and all that good stuff by the grain bens etc.

    thats what we use to do. about 5 months ago we made a coop and about 4 years ago we desided to not let the chickens run like that anymore because of the highway and we wanted to keep better track of them. so we put them in the goat pen when it was smaller. then about 2 years later we made the goat pen WAY bigger and made a coop!

    well anyway i bought a new waterer for the coop, we are inserting a light and insalating the coop right now, and i just put chips "ya know parts of wood?" on the floor of the coop to make it more cosey "sorry if i spell things wrong" and to help scoop the pooop out of the coop. [​IMG] it is working SOOO much better! and the chickens have plunty of room like a 24*24 of bigger run of corse they are sharring it with the goats though.
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    May 24, 2007
    I'm so glad that things are working out so much better for you now. Sounds like your chickens are probably happier also, and safer.

    My goats are in with my chickens right now also. They all get along great.

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