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Oliver has Megaesophagus. I would value any advise from everyone (please nothing too critical of me or my family) My family is truly heartbroken. It is believed to be congenital and there are more abnormalities around his heart. Does anyone have any experience with a successful treatment?

We adopted a shelter dog two weeks ago. He threw up in the car on the way home. The pound said that he had diarrhea during his stay there. We assumed it was diet. We gave him rice or mashed potatoes and gradually increased the dog food amount. He continues to throw up. He has never had diarrhea his stool is normal. There was a parvo outbreak at the shelter but he has had two vaccinations before getting there. He has been the shelter twice. One lady returning him said it was because he ate her couch and sweater. (Oliver is a one year neutered cattle dog) Sometimes more than other times the food in the throw up is identifiable meaning it is undigested. No blood no yellow bile. He eats well, is active. We have taken him to the vet. He has no fever and does not seem be sick by his behavior and she said that it might be worms. We took in a fecal sample but it was negative for worms. He eats his food fast (currently we are feeding baby food meat and baby food sweet potatoes. He seems to tolerate this better but still throws up what looks like cat food so we put the cat food up and we are trying to keep him from eating the chicken scraps (he busts in the run eats the food but does not eat the chickens yet but I am working on that because you can't trust a dog around chickens) I thought that maybe it was that he is eating too fast too much. So I am currently giving small amounts of baby food mixture with some bread spread thinly all around the bowl so it takes him longer to eat. He is getting two to three walks a day.

The vet wants to do a blood work up, X rays, and maybe barium. I really was not prepared for this much cost this soon after adopting Oliver. I have until the 19th to return him to the shelter. If we return a sick dog I get my money back but it is his death warrant as the shelter is a kill shelter and they put sick dogs down right away.
We love this dog I got him for my 6 year old as a Christmas present but the whole family has bonded with the dog. He barks very little, is a little protective but not too much. He tolerates the cat and my 1 year old. We would like to do all we can before returning him but that does not include spending a couple thousand dollars before it is discovered he has a chronic condition.

Any advise or experiences that might be helpful would be appreciated.
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Have you tried softening his food with warm water before feeding him? Or feeding him less in each serving.

My dog throws up when she eats poop. ie. Chicken poop.
Or drinks too much water too fast.

I've also noticed she vomits if I've gone too long without feeding her and she eats too fast.
Feed regular dry dog food and add pumpkin to it , also try giving him tums . Make sure he is not getting any table foods at all . I use to have a dog that would start throwing up and it would take 2-3 days to get it stomach settled back to normal . My neighbor liked to throw her table scraps over the fence and he would eat it , I actually had to take her to the vet with me and have the vet explain to her why she was making my dog sick with what she thought was kindness .
I am going to start to feed him smaller meals. My one and a half year old feeds him from his tray or drops it so I am putting Oliver out when we eat. I have had dogs but not in a long time so I am a little unused to a dog appetite. Cats don't eat like that and chickens either. Oliver seems to be starved all the time. He doe not look it though.
a little trick my friend uses to slow her dogs down then he gulps is to place a small stainless steel bowl upside down in their regular food dish... she has mastiffs so their bowl is really big its like a casserole dish..lol

or she has used the smaller glass dessert dishes in a smaller dogs bowl...

what it does is makes it impossible to get a whole mouth full they have to get it out with their tongue slowing them down.... she will sometimes get a dog that figure out a way to get the bowl out but not very often

she does rescues so she has all shapes and sizes with her big boys

canned pumpkin is great for the tummy make sure its not pie filling..

is the poop bloody or full of mucus?

vomit: does he gulp water?

the shelter should be paying for at least half of the vet care... have you spoke to their vets about off setting the vet bills?
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Wow that is a great idea!I have a cat dish that has a lot of grooves and crannies that might make it more difficult as well. I am going to try it today along with the pumpkin mixed with canned food.
This dog is a working breed of herders so it seems to help that I take him for a fast walk also.
The shelter will take him back but will not help with vet bills. He does gulp water stool is normal but yellow probably from the sweet potato.
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Vomiting can be from many causes and as you suggest it may be from diet change. It is actually a better idea to stick with one diet - whether you use a standard dog food or homecooked chicken & rice. Changing aspects of his diet may just compound the issue if he has a sensative stomache. My dogs also will throw up after eating chicken feed/poop or grain (horses). Usually just a bit after eating it. One dog worse than my other dogs.
As to the foreign matter he ate at the previous home - if his abdomen is not distended & his defecation is normal - there is little concern as the fabric should have passed by now.... if it had been something plastic the concern may remain. With no fever or other signs it should not be torsion, or punctured stomach/intestines.... so at this point I would think you are correct that it is either his diet, his gorging or perhaps simply excitement from being in a new environement.
Since you have already taken him to the vet.... I would suggest that u try a few things before going to the expense of other tests for now.... 1) one diet with little added. 2) If not boiled white rice & chicken then a ckn/rice or lamb/rice dog food - dry. 3) feed small amounts several times per day 4) keep all distractions at a minimum during feeding & after for 1 hour... you may try crating him for feeding and a rest. 5) Pepto Bismol 5cc per 25 lbs once every 8 hours to coat his stomache. 6) NO cat food, table food or treats until you have identified the issue. If after a few days this doesn't help - then I would ask the vet for an xray before doing any more expensive testing. Some dogs are simply sensative stomached and need a specific diet... I have one that is and any deviation from her ckn/rice diet will cause diahhrea & vomiting... it takes a few days to settle their stomaches again. Herding breeds can be excitable so just crating while & after feeding may do the trick.. If he is as good a dog as you indicate - I would definately give him time & try. good luck.
Thank you all
I will try the suggestions as much as possible and stick to one diet. I will update in a few days wish us luck.
my dog has a very sensitve stomic
my sister (who is a vet tec and works with animal post and pre opp.) says to give him pepto for his upset stomic and to give him some plain foods like rice and cooked pumpkin for a little bit.
dont let it go on longer then a few days it could be a sign of a blockage or a rupture in his bowels..
which can happen at any time eatting something that they were not suposta or if it was a large breed from to much excitement. IE. Labradors or Great danes (and others) are greatly known for having their intestines flip.

edit: i have a two year old boxer.. we start with (one pill then after 4-6 hours another dose) or (1 1/2 tbs then 4-6 hours give him another dose)
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I knew a sheltie that ate a cap and about a year later started vomiting and showing symptoms. It got so severe they did exploratory surgery and found part of the cap still in her stomach, because it couldn't move through. Can't show up on an xray. Anytime a dog has eaten things like a sofa etc, this is something to consider.

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