Update: duckling with a crooked leg


8 Years
Mar 14, 2011
East Texas
My duckling is doing well. Unfortunately, due to the slipped tendon he/she will never have use of that leg. But he/she has pretty good balance and keeps up with the flock rather well by hopping around. I think its a female, as it is making quacking sounds (I've heard females get louder and start quacking faster than males?), rouen duck. Here's pictures of my special duck.

We have a duckling that looks like that. She was born with it. It's good to know they have a chance. Her's is bent right up. Probably will give her own coop and run to keep her from using our pond (most likely with our half blind duckling). Unless she past the swim test ;) .

Would love to see more updates on her! :D
Kind of late reply. Duckling has grown up. Unfortunately, she gets picked on a lot by some of the chickens, especially the silver campines. She doesnt keep up too well with the other waterfowl. I don't know what to do about that. I don't currently live with her anymore, but will be going back to visit over Thanksgiving. So if anyone in the East texas area wants a silver campine pair, we're trying to get rid of them. Or is willing to pay shipping costs maybe. Anyway, I'll try to get recent pics of the special duck soon.

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