UPDATE: I think my pullet has crop issues?


10 Years
Nov 4, 2009
Lindale, TX
I have a 9-week-old pullet whose crop is unusually large and soft. She is also acting pretty lethargic. I've never had a chicken with crop problems before. Could it be "sour crop?" And what should I do? She's on grower mash, treats of dried mealworms, grass clippings (could that be the problem?) but also has ACV in water and chick grit free choice. She's one of my speckled sussex that I ordered from Cackle and sure don't want to lose her. Please help....
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OK..so now there is another "symptom", she looks like she's got the "dry heaves" nothing's coming out of her mouth. She's not even opening her mouth. Any help out there?
Do a search for "impacted crop". There's a lot of info on this forum for that issue. I have NO experience with it, but I've seen it here many times. Good luck...

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