**Update, My old cat...He's gone.

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    Jun 14, 2008
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    It was raining and Goldie-sun didn't want to go onto the porch. I tried the little dog house I had bought for them as well that they never took to. I covered it with tarp and rubber and made it more caveish. I put a fleece bed and blanket in there and tried to see if she'd stay in, but she wouldn't.

    So I brought her in for a bit and gave her some loving. I then coaxed her out to the porch with food. Suppose she thought Fresco was still in there. I found a really cozy blanket that I sacrificed and set up on a chair out there. She used to lay across Fresco and snuggle. I feel so bad for her.

    There's a black stray that has bloodied her, I noticed as I pet and scratched her. I always freak out when I see it, because I think it's my 7 year olds indoor cat that escaped but it's not...it's a stray. My teenage neighbor even thought it was and said she tried to catch the cat and was going to open my door and put it in, once she got it.

    Well, I'm glad she wasn't able to catch it, since it wasn't my cat. That would have been trouble. Wonder how long it would have taken me to notice and what would be tore up when I came home to that?

    My dh is away for a while in the Army...he was very upset when I got our dd a kitten from the feed store on her 6th birthday. He would NOT take kindly to any more critters, he always threatens. Don't think he'll notice the flock went from 6 to 20, do ya?

    Hugs to you all,
    Thanks for sharing your stories and kind words,
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    So sorry to read of your loss:hugs You are truly a wonderful "mama" to all of your kids- feathered, furred and human. As to DH, what he don't know... Candle lit for passage and your comfort.
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    Jun 14, 2008
    N. IL.
    Let the dogs out this morning.

    They were waiting to be let back in next to the door. Goldie is rubbing ALL over their undersides and legs...in kitty Heaven with herself. The dogs are just standing there staring at the door....waiting.

    I open the door to let the dogs in and in follows Goldie. I pick her up and go to the couch where I give her some loving...she digs her claws in and slobbers on me...the price we pay...

    She is currently snug up in the couch and so far my 3 indoor cats have not noticed her...or else I'd hear some chatter.

    She's never been an inside cat and when we lived on the farm, I brought her in at night...or tried to bring her in at night because all of the other barn cats were getting eaten by something...coyote, fox? something...and so I'm trying to protect her and all she'd do is go to the door and wail. Drove me and my husband nuts so we let her out.

    She survived that winter soley. When it was time for us to move, dh went back with a box and brought her to this home. Said she howled the whole way back. HA HA! He likes to say he's not an animal lover...but he went back JUST for her on his own accord, said we couldn't leave her there, she survived this long....

    Came back and she fit right in with the 2 outside male cats already living here....my childhood home. Sometimes they'd give her dirty looks, so she'd just wack them in the head. I'd find her snuggled up at times with either one of the boys. She's so funny. She gives hugs when you pick her up.

    So that's the news for the day.

    And the picture with the shepard sitting graveside to his pal....shows an amazing love that I am honored to witness with the pets God has blessed us with. What a testimony to animal feelings.

    Love in Christ,

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