Update of the babies from the unhatched egg thread


Mar 8, 2019
Disputanta, Virginia
Work has been super busy so I haven't had a chance to update on the babies. To refresh memories: One of my Khaki's decided to sit on eggs and a week before hatch changed her mind. I scooped up the eggs and incubated. Mom is Khaki Campbell and dad is Mallard. 2 hatched but 1 had several issues and died before it was 48 hous old. Not wanting the remaining duckling to be alone I purchased 2 babies from TSC. A Pekin and what I thought was a Khaki.
Now on to the update!
The hatched baby is 8 weeks old now and doing well. His feet turned orange and he looks just like a mallard with not even a hint of khaki. I noticed within the first week his peeps sounded different and was pretty sure he was a boy. Being mallard and about 2 weeks younger than the other 2 he is tiny compared to them. That earned hin the name Runt. He is very quiet (even for a boy) and it looks like it takes all his effort to produce any audible sound. I'm bit concerned about it but for now will just keep an eye on him. His father is very vocal so I'm not used to a quiet duck. The Pekin is a girl and she is very large so I'm guessing she's jumbo breed. I estimate she is about 10 weeks old. She likes to answer the big girls chatter with a sudden extremely loud quake of her own. The first few times I went running, thinking something was wrong. Her name is Angel. Lastly, the little brown one is a girl. Her feet have turned orange so I don't think she is Khaki Campbell. Her bill stayed brown so I'm thinking maybe a golden 300. I have not been able to come up with a name for her yet but I'm open to suggestions. They have joined the flock and are doing well. The little ones stick together and can most often be found with Runt in the front and the 2 girls side by side behind him. Its comical to see this tiny little duck parade around girls that are 2 times bigger than him.


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