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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by kimntep, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. kimntep

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    Dec 30, 2010
    Ocala, Florida
    I put the egg back under Mary last night late and the chick was still alive this morning, but then she left it again for a long time to take care of the other chicks. About 1/3 of the shell was off, but the membrane was not broken. There was a very small amount of blood under the membrane still, so I brought it to the homemade incubator for an hour or so, kept it moist and warm, when I talked to an experienced friend of mine who talked me thru helping the little guy to get out.

    It had absorbed the yolk and was breathing very shallow, was very tiny, though, and took up the entire space in the tiny egg and was missing an eye. It's head wasn't in any position to be able to pip at all and I know this was day 23, so it seems like it just didn't have much of a chance.

    My son buried it and we went out to find that Mary had the 6 others out and about already and they are doing very well. Thanks for all of the well-wishes and advice!
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    May 12, 2011
    Aw, I'm sorry. Sounds like it was meant to be though and is better off. HUGS.
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    Nov 23, 2010
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    Missing eye is supposed to be from one of two causes.

    High incubator temperature during days 1 to 6 AND/OR Low oxygen during days 1 to 6

    Was it very hot there?
    I had two chicks hatch out of 30 from an incubator that was so hot the albumen in most of the eggs actually cooked.
    One of the chicks has a faulty eye.
  4. kimntep

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    Dec 30, 2010
    Ocala, Florida
    It's been perfect weather here in Central FL and everything seemed to be going great until Mary wouldn't get back on the last 4 after the first 6 hatched. The other 6 babies are healthy and perfect. Maybe this one was in a bad spot or didn't get turned properly??

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