Update on Ayden and my family

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    Its hard to believe baby Ayden isnt a baby no more. he will be two on october 8 and is doing really well.He is talking more. has a beagle puppy named Maggie that is his best friend. He has the flu right now. had it going on week 2 now. the doctor had to put him on antibiotics ... he is finally improving. he goes and see his pumonologist next monday and then sees the ears not throat specialist on oct 10. this should be the one where the schedule to remove his trach... He has gotten bad about pulling out so I know his momma will be happy. she found him in there dining area with his trach out. he was playing with it. the only reason she found him was he coughed and it sounded weird to her. lol... Ayden is all boy. the just got a dinning room table and Ayden can almost sit thru a whole meal with out getting up and he has learned to say pwea (please) and his favorate work is puppy.

    my granddaughter Lilly turned on on sept 1. and is almost as big as ayden.ayden loves her. he gives her kisses and tries to pick her up. but he also pushes her down. one day Lilly got tired of being pushed down she got up and screamed at heim and went for his trach. that is the first time she ever did anything like that. it was kind of funny.

    My sister that was in the accident 1 week after AYden was born came down for laborday weekend. they were hit by Issac. No major damage from the storm. they were lucky. she has to have an Mri on one of her legs(the one with the rod in it) they thing the bone maybe dieing off.. she is getting around ok. I am proud of all she occomplished after her accident.

    Aydens mom is going to go to nursing school in the spring. I am so proud of her.
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    You guys had some rough times but it looks like the blessings are trying to catch up now. Not that I am taking you off the prayer list!
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    thank you... and the best thing I am starting to get along with my dad... his fiance is amazing and includes us in a lot of things. my ex step mom didnt care for us to be around them

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