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    Jun 3, 2014
    i am just sharing news on my flock! I am sad that one week ago an older chicken (easter egger) died. we think the turkey gave it a heart attack. it died when sleeping. we keep the turkey away from the chickens now, he is getting mean
    the chicken that died:
    Turkey ( new and old picture )
    [​IMG]this picture was taken a couple weeks ago... dont have any new pictures of my tom

    we have 4 roosters! i can hear them right now. we gave 2 away because they were being mean to the chickens
    the ones we gave away: i am so sad they are gone! they plucked the tail of one chicken and made my easter eggers afraid of me again. but there is one brave one.. the one that died looked more like an eagle and fought back.. i miss her so much after she died. she never was scared of us.
    The newest roos i dont have pictures of.. i cant take any because it is freezing and wet outside but the chickens don't mind. one rooster is a yellow silkie and is very cute. when he passes me he turns his back towards me and does a little dance.

    their is my flock! i am surprised on how many roosters! bought 6 chickens and 4 were roosters! last time we bought chickens it was all hens!
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    cool. Nice birds. Sorry to hear about the easter egger

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