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Feb 21, 2011
We now have 2 that have pipped. A little concerned they are just a very small openining (more of a crack) have not changed in the last 6 hrs. Also the two that have pipped out of the 13 eggs are the Road Island Reds, none of our easter eggers have pipped. The rooster we have is a Road Isand Red so they will be mixed. Dont know if mixing breeds is a problem?? This is all new to us! Thanks Kevin
I'm new to this too. We just hatched our first- for a science fair project. 10 little chickies and I think they are all mixed breeds. From pip to hatch can take a very long time!! Some of ours took 20 hours. It does seem to move along a little faster once they 'zip.' [but not always]. After 48 hours, I did help our last little guy. I would really wait until the very end to help.

prayers they pick up speed for you.

I had some that pipped and didn't anything for 24 hours later! Then one zipped in less than 10 minutes. One of them stopped zipping after 48 hours and I helped him out.
Now 3 have pipped 2 reds and finally one Easter. Does not look like they have broke through the membrane yet. Some appear to be just a crack, does that constitue a pip??- Kevin
yes, That does constitute a pip! And don't worry, sometimes it takes a long time for them to progress. They get tired and take breaks. It can take 24 hrs from first pip to hatch!!

Good Luck
and keep us posted
some can do it in what seems like the blink of an eye, and others can take almost a whole day. I had one where the very first one to pip was the very last one to zip...it's funny how they do things
WOW!! WOW!! Just had our first egg hatch. It was amazing. Got it all on video will try to put it on our blog as soon as we figure it out. The new chick sure has moved all the other eggs around in the bator, hope they all are all right.

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