Update on introducing 2 new kittens to 2 existing cats - input :-)

Kelly G

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Mar 19, 2008
Tampa (Wesley Chapel), Florida
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My Coop
We have been doing all the recommeded things for a slow introduction - switching rooms, feeding on opposite sides of the door, openin the door for brief sniffs, etc.

Today is day 12.

We have started face to face introductions tonight. Tugger & Frosty are in our bed room (favorite room in the house - normally off limits!). We have them blocked in with stacked baby-gates (we've been getting them use to being in their like this for the last month).. The babies have "run of the house".

Frosty (black one) gave them a sniff through the gate and walked off to take a nap.

Tugger (grey one) is at the gate and has done some growling when face to face with one of the babies (who backs off, but they don't seem scared - just backing off). There has been no hissing, spitting, or smacking....and when they are not right in front of them, he is just watching them.

We figure we will keep things this way until Tugger loses interest in this.

How does all this sound?

Any advice?

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