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    Thankx for all the help and advice we got for Lilly.

    She was quite young so we tried everything we could to help her. Unfortunately the antibiotics and washing her eyes and all that stuff have not helped. She had a bad sinus infection. It never got better. She did perk up a bit a few weeks back and even started laying for a while but then we got a cold snap and she just went downhill again. On Wednesday evening I looked in on her and she was making funny sounds that were almost like she was saying Poor Lilly Poor Lilly. But it was just the way she was breathing. I tried Vic vapor rub to see if she would improve overnight but when I went to check in the morning she was facing me and struggling to breath and I felt she had had enough and was telling me its time. So I got the Boss and DH sent her to the big coop in the sky. [​IMG]

    I feel very sad that nothing seemed to help at all. She had struggled for months and I was hoping the warm weather would improve things. In the end she was virtually blind but had manage to adjust really well finding her feeder and water and even getting on and off the roosting bar. Though she was parted out and so I am sure she was lonely. She was with Betty for a bit until Betty died so it was kind of sad. Anyhow thanx for the advice and help with her but she is at peace now and we are facing a chicken Math crises! On the positive side our other Maran Gwendoline is BROODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG] Chicken math opportunity coming on!

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    Sorry for your loss. I was just reading your older threads about Lilly. She may have had a bacterial chronic respiratory disease, perhaps mycoplasma, or if it smelled bad, coryza. Most birds that die can have air sacculitis or infection of the air sacs, usually from E.coli. When there is much swelling around the eyes and face from sinus infection, the purulent or pus drainage in there can solidify. It needs to be removed, or the antibiotics don't help much. If any others in the flock become ill with the same thing, Denagard (tiamulin) is used in Europe and elsewhere specifically to treat MG or mycoplasma. Here are some articles that you may like to read:

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