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Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by melroseladi, Oct 1, 2011.

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    Mar 17, 2011
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    My buff dundette female is huge as is one of my pearls, the male buff dundette is smaller as are the rest of the pearls, they are average size. My lav is not even half the size of the pearls that hatched after the lav did. My last hatched, which came from the largest egg, is also smaller then the others although it is slightly larger then the lav.

    I moved the 7 bigger ones to their pen in the rabbit shed yesterday but the lav and last hatched are still in a brooder in my room. Peeps is out with the bigger guys and doing great so far. Peeps has white wing feathers so I can tell it apart from the other pearl grays.

    Lucky is still out free ranging with the adults. I have noticed that it is slightly different then the brooder babies. His coloring is slightly lighter and his legs and feet are a much brighter orange. Size wise he is the size of my larger brooder babies so he must be getting plenty of nutritious food while free ranging. He is able to fly to the roof of the coop and to the roof of the rabbit shed. The guineas fly up there to nibble on the leaves of the branches that hang over the roof. Lucky is roosting in the coop still and does still go under his momma's wing at night.

    I will get some pics today and add them.

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    Lucky's most likely getting a more varied and natural diet (different protein from bugs and seeds plus greens) and lots of vitamin D from the sun as well... all of that combined would account for the lighter plumage coloring and the brighter orange legs [​IMG]
    Good plan to keep the littlest ones in for a while longer, sounds like they need it for a while. Hopefully with less competition your littlest guy will catch up to the others now.
    All in all sounds like everything is going pretty good for you (and them!), congrats on your success [​IMG]

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