Update on my Bi-Polar friend


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Apr 29, 2007
I posted before about my friend being Bi-Polar and my frustrations.
She was Baker acted from an overdose last month. I received a note from her, she is home and now going to Narcotics Anonymous.
All of this is a good thing, if someone near her will continue to regulate her. The problem, although she won't admit it, as I see it is, she goes to her regular MD, her Pain Management Doctor and her Shrink. I think she is not up front about her meds and they are too busy or just don't care and write her scrips. This is something I saw in my Grandmother and my Great Aunt, luckily once my Grandmother had her stroke, someone from the family took her to her DR's and we all had Power Of Attorney to speak to the Dr's therefore they all knew what meds she was on.
Anyway, after much thought, I have decided to step back, for my own sanity. I will continue to be a "friend" as far as staying in touch occassionally and sending cards, but I can no longer allow myself to be used by her. My own mother, who is retired and own a fixed income bought groceries for her on 2 occassions out of her own pocket, my mom knows better but she is a CHristian and her compassion took over.
I truly appreciate all the advice and lhelpful links that my previous discussion brought forward. I hope it helped others as well. It was also nice to know I had others that I could turn to.
As far as the "friend" of Sue's that "yelled" at me via email, in Sue's note she asked me to "Stop the Sh*&" with Rita.
In the small case that I offended Rita I emailed her, explained I got a note from Sue and apologized if I offended or upset her in any way. Rita said she wasn't sure where Sue got the idea I "started" something but as far as she was concerned there was not an issue.
It's nice to know I have a place like this board to come to and "talk" things out.

Thanks Everyone!


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Jun 27, 2008
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Is she bi-polar or just Irish?

Sorry, just a little teasing. I am Irish and Cherokee. Makes for a strange combo!
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