UPDATE on my first incubation


10 Years
Oct 6, 2009
Shelbyville, Tennessee
well i went to the local TSC today and bought an incubator so i my banty eggs would have a better chance of hatching. I also bought the automatic turner as well as a hygrometer. Brought all of the stuff home and got everything set up and regulated. Temp at 100 F and humidity fluctuating between 50 and 60%. ready to transfer my eggs. Opened the home made bator and OMG... what a smell... ugh YUCK!!! one of the eggs that i couldn't see through had cracked and leaked nasty green stuff was leaking out. ( thank goodness it didn't explode). i took all of my "good" eggs out and candled them to make sure they were ok and they were so i wiped them down with a warm damp cloth just in case and quickly got them in the new bator so they wouldn't catch a chill. i think they will be ok. i tossed the nasty one as well as the other one that i couldn't see through. i figure i can't risk the lives of the 6 definate live chicks for the sake of one questionable egg so now i am down to 6 eggs due to hatch on 10/19/09 or 10/20/09. wish me luck guys!!

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