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10 Years
Aug 17, 2009
Plant City, FL
So, I have been taking care of some Silky and Spitz eggs. Two Silkys have hatched so far.

My problem: The silky chicks that have hatched are running around the bator and moving all the other eggs. I saw pipping on one last night and today it's turned over so now I'm not sure what's going on with that egg. Why are they allowed to play with the eggs and I'm not
I told them to stop but they aren't listening.

I am on my 21st day right now and I am so anxious. I got up about a dozen times in the middle of the night to check on the chicks. It seems that when I fall asleep or leave the house for a couple hours is when they seem to hatch.

I told DH to leave and do something while I TRY to nap and maybe when I wake up and he gets home we'll have 2 more chicks!

I am hoping.. but until then...
Yikes. I would recommend pulling the silkies out as soon as they are fluffed up. The egg that has pipped but since been moved may very well start the process over again, pipping in another spot.

You can certainly leave them in - it seems to work just fine in nature - but I personally grab fluffed up chickies from the 'bator so they do not mess too much with chicks trying to hatch. If you do it very quickly, the 'bator will be open for less than a few seconds. I recommend getting someone to help you.

They like to lay on the eggs, climb over the eggs, peck at the eggs even. Last night before the second one hatched the first one was cuddled next to her! It was too cute but it scares me
When DH comes home I am definately going to have him help me take the little babies out. They were just both climbing over eggs to get to each other. I'm not so sure how they got apart to have to climb over eggs to get back to each other. Silly little chickies.

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