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Apr 5, 2020
Hi everyone, I just wanted to post an update on my polish chick that I had bought for my hen. His name was Ozzy and we ended up naming him Mojito because he grew a pretty gnarly mohawk once he got older. He's roughly around two months now. His mom started laying eggs again so she's been leaving him alone and he got attached to me and now he won't stop following me around LOL. I'm not complaining. He hangs out in my room and he falls asleep when I pick him up. The other day I had a class over zoom and he came and sat on my leg and was there for the whole class. My one issue is that if he wants to hang out in my room with me, I'm gonna need a chicken nappy or something because he poops everywhere, and I can't be cleaning up after him the whole time. Definitely need to look online for a chicken diaper because it seems like he's gonna be hanging out with me more often.


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