Update on Roo with broken leg, pics of chicken sling

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  1. Again, I wanted to update on our Blue Cochin Roo, Vida Blue.

    He broke his leg friday morning ,and after some serious consideration, we decided to see if we can help him out. I had a nurse friend help me splint his leg with fiberglass"sticks" and lots of medical tape. I secluded him from the girls on the coop, but still left him in the actual coop. Sunday me and my husband decided to take a look at his lef, to make sure that his circulation wasn';t compromised or that tah stcks hadn't cut into his leg or foot. Upon doiing that we realized that some of the tape had given and actually broken off, so therefor we decoded to resplint it with large Craftstcks, kind of like popsicle sticks, except larger. This time I used a lot of sticks and tape and this time it will not come off. Seeing how uncomfortable he was we decided monday afternoon to make a chicken sling or chicken chair for him, to hopefully keep some of the pressure off his injured leg.
    I used a large dogloo dog kennel, and made in lack of any other explanation a hammock of fabric across the middle of the dog kennel. I cut out two holes for his legs and placed him in it, it is almost as if he is hanging, except his good leg is still touching the ground and his bad leg is finally free to hopefully heal.
    I then used my sons Craftman tool box boxes and screwed those on the wire door to the kennel and that way Vida could reach his food. I understand that he will be needing to be still for at least 4 weeks, so this is a great way for him to be comfortable, at least more so than before when he was straining to stand up and would loose his balance.

    Thanks to everybody that gave me some info on what to do and so on, I was desperate sunday, but after a few words from y'all, it worked itself out...
    Keep your fingers crossed that Vida Blue will be A Ok again, he just isn't ready to leave us yet, or better yet we are not ready to not have Vida in our lives anymore.

    Kindly, Kycklingmamma
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  2. chookchick

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    WOw, that is great that you are willing to work so hard to make his life comfortable. I don't know if you have heard anything about speckled hen's rooster Zane, but she worked with him for months--you could do a search on his name (he had bad leg infection). Chickens seem to be amazingly resilient sometimes!
  3. chickenwhisperer123

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    Its always great when someone does something like that. That rooster is lucky to have an owner like you. Most everywhere else he would be in the stew pot.
    Great Job, chicken rehabilitator. [​IMG]
  4. Thanks all,

    yes I understand the concept of stewpot, but not on my watch. My hubby seems to think I am a loon, but loves the fact that I am trying so hard to make him good again. He always say " when I come back to life I want to your pet"

    I will not eat any of my chickens once they have died, however they die, but I am very happy to eat the boneless chickens...i.e the eggs.

    Again thanks, I will keep an update on his recovery. because I know that one day there will be somebody out there with another bird and its hurt leg, and I want them to find info easier than I did. It was a chore finding what to do. But Vida does look comfy, doesn't he?

    Kindly, Kycklingmamma
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  5. AHappychick

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    wow that looks gret and comfy I hope he heals well. good job so far [​IMG]
  6. crait

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    This is amazing!
    Keep up the work! He'll really appreciate it!
    Remember to slowly introduce him back into the flock when he's ready. [​IMG]
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    The second picture won't show up? Do you still have any pictures, and how did this turn out?
    I am in a similar situation now :(
  8. Zyklonbetty

    I will dig through my pics and see if I can find more.
    Vids Blues leg healed and he lived on as if nothing happened. I did keep in that sling for about 5-6 weeks until he would act as if he could put walking pressure on both legs.

    Hope it works out for you lil fowl :(

  9. kntryangel

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    I have a Japanese Bantam that hurt her leg yesterday, im not sure if she broke it at the "knee" or if she dislocated it. If she trys to walk she falls over to the left, as it is her left leg that is hurt, so would that mean that its broke or perhaps dislocated? I have felt her whole leg and i dont feel anything broken but it seems more limber then the other but if I pull it down softly she can recoil it back up. Any help would be appreciated..Thanks
  10. I don't know if it is broken, when Roo broke his it was just limp and he would not recoil back if it got pulled, it could be dislocated though :(. I would separate her from the rest of the hens, put her in a small kennel or box, keep her warm and feed her high protein foods, and let her rest stress free. Warmth, good food and rest might be enough to ring her back. Does she seem in pain, when you pull in her leg, if you manipulate the area or when you squeeze on her leg?

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