Update on Susan

Elizabeth talpes

In the Brooder
Oct 30, 2020
We brought her out today for the first time since she has been inside( to clean her cage) we decided to bring her outside because she seems to be doing a little better. Her stomach doesn’t seem as bloated as she is not as heavy when we pick her up. Her vent is also much more normal in color then it has been I attached a picture. As soon as we let her out she booked it down the hill and started a fight with the first chicken she saw ( Susan is the head of our flock so I assume it was because she was reminding the rest of the flock that she’s still kicking). We separated them and she is foraging up near us. Walking like a normal chicken too. We bought the material to drain her and she has been on the same medication which seems to be helping . The flystrike is almost healed completely just a small closed scab left above her vent. The only question I have is about her poop she pooped small pellet like black poops just before we brought her outside but I’m sure it’s nothing I did give her some quinoa chia seeds and flaxseed the other day for the first time so maybe that is why. Not too concerned as she is acting pretty normal today for the first time in a week. Not getting our hopes up but should we be worried or doing anything else any help is very much needed and appreciated

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