(UPDATE)* PICS*HELP!! Not sure if all 3 of my chicks are Leghorns!!!!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by sunnysidecluckers, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. Hi, I ordered 3 leghorns and got them about a 1 1/2 weeks ago. One of the chicks now is twice the size of the other two. I was wondering if the bigger one is just older or if it could be a White Rock. Are White rocks bigger than Leghorns? The wing feather developement looks a little bit more ahead than the other 2 so I am not sure if this chick is just older. Thanks for you help
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    Where did you get them? You may have a cross roack (meat bird). I had those with my baby white leghorns. On day of arrival, they very much look alike, but two weeks later, the cross rocks were twice as big.
  3. I ordered them from a local feed store. If this one is a cross rock. Does it have a long life? I am nervous now
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    If it is a Cornish X Rock it does not have a long life. But I heard they are pigs when it comes to eating. Does it eat all the time? Can you take a picture? X's are supposed to be fed differently (restricted feed) so they dont grow so fast.
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    maaaybe its a boy and the other two are girl leghorns?

    added: I think if it was a CornXRock it would double in size quickly and you would know, not just a little bigger like you are saying.
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    may also be a White Rock --- I thought my White Rock was a Leghorn until she laid brown eggs ... though I also thought she was on the large size ...

    if so you are lucky, the WRs are really nice and good egg layers

  7. Here are some pics!!!

    [​IMG], [​IMG], [​IMG]
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    leg color is different? or im just reading too much into it
  9. The legs colors are the same. We double checked after I read your post. She seems to be eating just like the rest of the them. And she takes her naps just the same as well.
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    I've had Pearl White Leghorns, and those both look like leghorns to me.

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