Update, was: please help with dosages ... what could be killing them?

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    Oct 13, 2007
    Thanks for sanity check. Went to co-op, this is what they gave us. Obviously they are not chicken experts. Rooster booster is Vitamins & Electrolytes with lactobacillus. This is what I thought that y'all had told us to dose them up with.

    First chicken was kinda droopy and staggering around a bit. Then she fell over in the dirt, wouldn't get up, and had diahhrea. I posted about that a while back. The recommendation was to isolate her and give her powdered milk (?).

    The second chicken just dropped dead with no warning and no visible symptoms. the others are ok.

    We are concerned that they were suffering from Seattle weather -- just being too wet. So we just loaded up their cage with fresh mulch to raise them out of the muck. They have a coop, a big covered area, a pond, and a large yard, which was very soggy and is now much better. We're planning to move them to a much dryer area.

    Any thoughts on the mortality? I don't know if we have the Buff Orp that just died, or if she went out in Friday's garbage.

    Feeling stupid for buying expensive meds that may not be what we need. but I think the electrolytes are probably good to have on hand.

    tx for advice...

    Clueless in Seattle.
    Down to 6 chicks and 2 ducks...
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    Jan 11, 2007
    I seem to remember that post...you thought was cocci yes? Milk is not going to treat cocci (though it is sometimes used for managing it along with other things)...these are chicks? If you did not have them on medicated starter then it could be cocci (the most common probem with chicks) get a med for cocci...the terramycin is not going to help if it is ... (ideally you would get a faecal to be sure it is cocci)
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    Yeah, our weather is damp. Keep them dry and they should be fine. The mushy ground and pond thing doesn't sound too good for the birds so that's good you plan on moving them to higher ground. Wet feet and damp birds can easily get sick.

    For the one that dropped dead, it is very well possible that that is just what it did. I have had a few just drop dead when they approached egg laying age and everyone else lived on just fine. As for the sick and staggering one, not sure what to say really. Good luck.

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