Nov 10, 2016
Lumberton, North Carolina
Hey Y'all!! Long time NO see! Well, Long time NO thread!

I have been super busy with life. I have a 15 month old that runs me crazy. The 3 ducks. The dog. & the hubby... which us ladies know can often be like having another child. :p Also my father-in-law passed away this past week & we have been dealing with all that... if my prayer warriors will please keep my husband & his family in your prayers, I can't thank you enough!-- In other..better news the duck crew is fabulous. Flossy has recovered so well from her dog accident. The only problem we seem to have is her right leg, where it was bitten in the muscle. Some days she tires out easy (not all the time tho) & sometimes if I dont let them out of there pin for a couple of days I can tell it bothers her a little, & I'm chalking that up to it getting stiff due to not much exercise. Other than that she is perfect! & still the baby! :-X Felix... ol' Felix my hormonal from hell "teenager!" He is such a hormonal wreck poor thing! He is still such the gentleman tho, when it comes to Flossy! When it comes to his Mommy however, we have our moments. You know how teenage boys can be. I don't love him any less tho & I know this too will pass shortly. Now, last but certainly NOT least.... Sassyfras! My little Runner! Sassyfras is now Ferdinand! Yes, you read that right...she... HE fooled me SO well! It has been touch & go- back & forth for the last couple of weeks "i think shes a boy.. well, maybe not.. shes a girl. no he is boy!!" buttttt... today I think I got my answer... I heard her.. him... it... quack the most today than I have ever... & it's just low. Its not loud like Flossy. Granted I've never had Runners so IDK if the sounds are way different than Pekins or not.. but I'm assuming not. As far as a drake feather... there hasn't been a distinctive curled feather. & I doave a question... are all Drake White & Fawn Runners draker than the females? Because Sassyfras isn't dark... the fawn is lighter. Y'all IDK i need some help with this. I am so confused. I think she's a boy... but maybe I'm wrong. Which honestly would be great, because him being a drake puts us having to get two more females. Just for flock safety reasons. Y'all know how that goes! Other than the gender confusion my littler runner is awesome! Happy and healthy & completely in love with Flossy & Felix. Everyone seems to be getting alone great. I have just recently started putting them together more & separating them less. My baby is growing up so fast! Y'all help me out on this gender thing! I will post pictures tomorrow for you. Maybe I'll get a video so you can hear too.

I just wanted to update everybody & say hello. it has been so long since I have been active. This makeover of the site has be Wowed. I need to take the time to learn how it works. it took me 10 minutes to figure out how to post a new thread on the right forum. LAWWWDDDD!!! LOL!!!! Goodnight Lovebirds!<3

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