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    Hi, OK this is how we had figured out costs , for feed- replacement costs, and yes maybe $ 8-10.00 sometimes for the individual birds, but the adults- were producing already, and my Sussex were just starting. And since that dog took 11 of my 16 Sussex layers,, yeah – I’m out.

    Russ is great on spread sheets, and this is what we came up with. This is the total, and delivered- no reply. As tonight.
    But also told Russ he could always pay for the birds’ prices – as their ages , and that came out to $550. So whatever he decides after the invoice, up to him.

    I will also be printing out a copy for bylaw, and the R.C.M.P. for documented grievances.

    Does anyone think this is out of hand? Pls let me know – I have had replies from Backyard Chickens also, and MY Russ, was too truthful, when i could have let him have it!

    I don’t think so with having to deal with this neighbor for 12 yrs, and his dogs previously also killing rabbits I raised for show/meat/pet sales.

    And, also having his male dogs over here whenever I had my own purebred dogs in heat. ) broke thru a building secured for the female in heat , at the time)- still impregnated by these border collies! Geez , I Hate that breed!

    These dogs have ALWAYS been in my .22 sights, but know when I open the door, turn on a light , etc- yup- outwitting me! To date. He now has 4-5 dogs, not the 2 I dealt with for many years previous.

    So, if this has to be what he needs to compensate me for- good. Not saying I’m getting it – yet-, but a start.

    I will copy. paste this info, to A.C.E. and Backyard chickens at a later date. and wait for comments.

    Let me know- looks official, and worked put with all the info I have been forwarded.

    I have delivered this info sheet to them tonight- no one home , left it in the door- BUT NO DOGS TO BE SEEN either!

    IF anyone wants our spread sheet in PDF, you will have to email me, as I can not do it here. Total is aprox $ $801.58 , including the previous 3 pheasants mauled.- this is feed, costs, and egg sales - and YES, Russ is too honest- or I would have totalled my egg sales as a1/2 dozen, to date, he averaged.
    All my costs were by 63 poultry- less 27 divided for feed.over 5 mos. which i gave a 1 month before , and after deaths.
    Wish us luck!
    Merry Christmas, talk soon. Dawn
    This PDF may help anyone out, dealing with replacement costs, espec for feed, birds. Get in touch- they will pay , for repeated assaults. Yes, I'm bitter, they were my pets. Time involved- though I do butcher also. Sorry, just us. KEEP Receipts!
    Some people may NOT think us chicken people are serious about raising our birds-, they are worth as much as their other livestock! TO US!" />
    Talk soon.
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    Wow. What is it with people & their dogs??!!! This is not the only thread about neighbors dogs on the wrong property & doing damage. I hope this turns out OK for you. I see nothing wrong with asking payment for damages...WHATEVER the damages have been. There may be legal headaches with proof, etc., but you are NOT out of line...your neighbors negligence, certainly IS. If this is important to you, stand your ground...Good Luck

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