Updated baby pics (foal)


13 Years
Jan 11, 2007
Moscow Mills MO
I had a request for updated pics of our newest baby. Here they are. He's growing like a weed and filling out nicely. She is doing great considering her age.

Queenie and Duke

Hope you enjoyed them
They are doing way better than well. We had lots of concerns for this old girl. Of course, she still has some time with the little guy so we'll have to continue to keep a close eye on her.

My dd takes that care of "her horse" very seriously. She just does it all without asking, just comes in and lets me know she's been fed and brushed down.

Yesterday was the first time she's been ridden in years. My dd (10 yo) has been wanting to ride her for some time so we gave in. We only allowed a short amount of riding time but this old girl did everything that was asked of her. She's going to be a wonderful teacher for my daughter, who had her first solo ride yesterday. Up until yesterday all her riding has been done with me leading my horse around.

I wish I could get one!"

Watch out they are about as addicting as chickens, but on another whole $ level LOL!

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Girl what lovey lovely pair there. Major eye candy. Thanks for sharing want to hear that that coltis up to.

I love babies. I've never had a full size horse baby before. I had pony foals before. It's funny to watch him run, reminds me of a giraffe. My babies could've walked right under him without even bumping their heads, LOL.

This old girl should've have ever been bred again. She's in her mid to late 20's. I have a neighbor that I adore, but her husband is a few bricks short of a load. He couldn't control his stud, so he put them together. His thought, a couple of weeks wouldn't be a problem. Ummmm hello, what were you thinking.

He bred her a few years ago and nursing the filly almost killed her. She has trouble maintaining body condition during that time. She quickly became a sack of walking bones. In fact they weaned the filly early to save momma.

He very upset that she sent the mare and foal over here. But she knows how I am on the care of my critters and the mare wouldn't have a chance over there. She has a daughter hospitalized with brain cancer so she's never home.

The neighbor hopes that we will be able to let her live out her life here and that my dd gets a horse that will be her bud for the next few years allowing her to learn to ride. She's not planning on ever taking her home again if she can help it, she fears that her idiot husband will put the old girl thru this again. Her hubby was so excited that it was a boy with a dorsal stripe, he couldn't wait to get him to breeding age. Sad for him, she and I already agreed that the little guy will be gelded.


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