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    So I've thought it over some and am not quite ready to part with my whole nigi herd, so for now I'm holding on to most of them, but I can't keep them all so here are the ones I've desided to sell.


    Pride of Texas Jade
    2 year old black doe, kidded as a FF with Triplets this spring!
    I've struggled quite a bit with the idea of parting with this doe, but she is avaliable if I don't change my mind before she sells. asking $250

    And A2Z Acres ?? (unnamed doeling)
    born 05/07/08, ready in about 3 weeks, chocolate buckskin w/ blue eyes, I love this girls coloring!
    asking $200


    A2Z Acres Texas Ranger
    3 months old and ready for a new home, Black w/ white markings and blue eyes
    Avaliable as a wether $50

    A2Z Acres Texas Twister
    born 05/07/08, ready to go in 3 weeks, chocolate and white w/ marbled eyes
    Avaliable as a buck $150, or wether $50

    (may give a discount if a wether is bought w/ another goat)

    I also recently made my first website! Check it out for pedigree info and pics of parents, I don't have my bucks pics up yet, but if you look at the pics on the home page, the second one (kid on dog house) is my buck Pie, and the last one (gold and white kid) is my buck Dallas!

    This is my first attempt at a website, so don't judge it to harshly!

    I'm may also be selling Lone Star, but I'm not quite ready to make it final.
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