Updated Update with an important question...


8 Years
Jul 17, 2011
Hi again peeps

So it is done!! Fertile eggs purchased. I asked for a mixed batch of silkies and pekin frizzle bantams and then....I got a little crazy(er). I saw this guy's light sussex hens and fell in love and said 'oh what the heck throw some of them in too'. Once I walked out the gate and was about to get into my car he called out to me...don't forget the sussex will take 21 days and the others 18-19. WAIT! WHAT?

Silly me. I felt embarrassed at my ignorance and just waved and left. So now my dilemma. I'm worried when the bantams hatch Lulu will excitedly get off the sussex eggs that haven't hatched. So last night I put the 4 sussex eggs under her and thought I'd put the rest of the bantams under tonight or tomorrow night.

This is where I need your help. Should I put them under tonight or tomorrow night? (24 or 48 hours apart).

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