((updated w/pics)) Sneezing chicks, HELP!


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Aug 10, 2010
I have 12 chicks, I hatched about a week an half ago. They are now sneezing, they were on pine shavings. I removed the pine shavings about 4 days ago and they are currently on paper towels. But they are still sneezing, no discharge on eyes or beaks. What would be the best solution, any advice?

This is their set up. I use a large tote, with a heat lamp. I don't know exact temp. They don't chirp like they are cold or huddle together very much either. But I raised 2 other sets of chicks this year already the exact same way, except I hatched these myself. They hatched on April 4th and 5th. Most are silkies, and the rest are backyard mixes. Right now they are on paper towels. I started them on Aeromycin today, mixed in the chick starter. I'm hoping that helps, I will be going to the farm store this week to pick up electrolytes. They are in my laundry room in my basement and there is no window or draft. I have the screen over them because I have an indoor cat. Any other advice you can give would be appreciated? Thanks :)
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