Upgrades to the cheap coop

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10 Years
Aug 20, 2009
East Central VA
So.... We are adding more chickens which means we need more room..... so this is phase 2.
The original 4x6 coop now has 2 roosting bars across the 4" width and we managed to lay our hands on a fee nesting box (painted it so I can see inside without having to have a flashlight). Not adding poop boards yet, going to see how this works. The pop hole to the right goes out to the little 8x3 run, this will be closed off and the run used as a brooder once the chicks get old enough to go outside.


The new run (for now, do have plans on extending it as needed with modular sections), 8x6x6, still have to put up fencing and a door but we are getting there, no hurry.


The modular capabilities of this thing will be great if the city decides this is too close to the fence or something to that effect... we can pick up each section and move it then reattach in whatever order we like. We are expecting complaints from the neighbor even though this side of my fence faces a 2 acre field, they complain about EVERYTHING. City ordinances say no permanent building within 5 feet of a boundary fence, technically they may consider this a violation, they may not, who knows...

Total cost of the new addition? $10 for used rolls of fencing, $2 for nails, got to buy hinges and I think that's it. Though if you want to count in my fence panel back even though it was extra from building the fence, it ran $28 when bought. The rest of the lumber is trashed concrete form materials.
As long as it's behind the fence in your yard, you should be okay. Aren't there still lots of other chickens in town?
Lots of chickens here but I have a neighbor that has taken to shooting them and another neighbor who doesn't care for anything that makes noise other than her grandkids, hence why I have them over on that side, I'm attempting to be nice.

Working on phrasing the whole portable thing if it comes to it, had to fight for getting a 6' fence, fight for my dogs being allowed to bark, fight for better animal control out here, and plan on fighting for where I put my birds in my yard if there is a complaint.... city hall doesn't like seeing me anymore

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