Upgrading Coop Solar

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  1. AviatorChicken

    AviatorChicken Hatching

    Sep 3, 2014
    Winter is coming...I would like to add lights for egg laying and heat lamp.
    what do you recommend for solar wattage ?
    I have 7 hens and 4x6 coop with ext nesting boxes. I wanna run heat lights and my poultry auto door.
  2. Wisher1000

    Wisher1000 Bama Biddy

    Mar 31, 2010
    Tuscaloosa County, Alabama
    For about $250 you can supply light for working and for increasing egg production early in the year, but providing heat is a whole different mattter. It is best to use LED light that can put out a lot of light for little power but they put out little to no heat. Find a solar expert near you or join an online solar forum. They can help you figure it out.

    Unless you are in an area where there is sub zero temps day and night for weeks on end, you really don't need to heat the coop. It is much more important to keep it well ventilated and dry.

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