upper respitory infection !!! be careful it is going around


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Oct 6, 2010
westville ok
there seens to be some sort fo infection going around be it is verry contajus semtoms are runny nose then coulf/sneez then swolen eyes that drain liquid if you see semtoms give all birds in pin a antibiotic and stay away from my farm lol if we are smart about this it will stop spreding
90% of the cases are Mycoplasma Gallepsum (chronic respiratory disease) or sinusitis.
No antibiotic in the world will cure them, time gets them better, but they will always be carriers of this and spread it to other birds. Problem is, your birds get better in 2-3 weeks, so everyone thinks, YAY they got better, well the did, but now they are exposing it to all the others.
Unfortunately, whacking them in the ol noggin is the only way to stop it. I know it sounds horrible and hard to do to your loved babies. But...think of the long term consequences.

Many states now require in addition to normal NPIP testing, that your bird are also MG tested clean too, to ship into their states.
This stuff is always been around, and is in every state, for some reason, most show symptoms in the fall though.
Just look at this board. Half the topics are help my bird has a snotty nose, swollen eye, sneezing, etc....well, short and narrow of it, that MG in most cases.

Hope everyones birds stay healthy!! Watch those weekend auctions too!! They are fun, but full of sick birds too.....
Sneezes and bubbly, watery eyes are one way tickets to the "butchers block". My flock is too valuable to risk a sick bird passing it on, even if THAT bird survives.
I hate doing it, but the "needs of many outweigh the needs of a few" in chickendom.
hard to do for a lot of people, but it's a must to stop the spread of it, like I said, no cure, dont care what folks say... They just eventually die or get better and become carriers
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