Uppity Chick Cured


Jul 13, 2020
SW Indiana
I quarantined my 5 new chicks and decided it was time for Frosty to join them.

She immediately went to strutting around like she owned the stock tank. Boy was she wrong.

Frosty was being a real jerk. When they were all shyly meeting each other, Frosty would reach down real slow and nip the other chicks' feet. They'd squawk really loud, and with a flapping of wings, everybody would scatter. I'm sure that was just her way of trying to get the strangers to keep their distance, but definitely not polite.

This went on for a little while, until I guess the biggest barred rock pullet finally had enough. Though probably only 2/3 Frosty's size...she WHOOPED her. Made no bones about it. I think that's the first time Frosty ever felt fear before. I hated to laugh, but I knew Frosty was getting taught how to behave by the first chicken she's met since she was just a fuzzball. It must have been humiliating to her, but she's already a better chicken for it. Now when I open the lid, she immediately jumps out for a reassuring cuddle. She's mostly stopped all of her pecking and nipping too. I'm glad that new little chick was able to teach her something I could not.

FYI, they were, of course, all piled up sleeping last night. Chicken feuds must evaporate with sundown.

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