Upset chicken


Aug 6, 2019
Hi guys!
I left our garage door open for a week and one of my hens started laying eggs in the garage (she layed 2 eggs in there) I have now shut the garage door and for the last 3 days all day all she does is pace around the garage squaking and pecking at the door, she is so worked up that shes even panting. She is not a broody hen and she is my one hen that finds places all over the yard to lay her eggs, in the woodshed, under a tree, in and around the boathouse... never in the coop so I'm not sure why this is making her so upset :( any suggestions??

The first day she started acting like that I let her in the garage just to see and she went straight to the eggs so I did take her and the eggs out and moved them into the coop.

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