Upside Down Chick


In the Brooder
7 Years
May 15, 2012
I just hatched out my 2nd chick ever. The first one did great and is in her brooder box. The 2nd one hatched out yesterday morning and a few times now while still in the incubator it gets flipped over somehow onto its back and seems like it can't get right side up again. I have helped it right itself after a time.

Is this normal for chicks? I didn't notice this with the other one, so to me this is weird.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly greatly appreciated since I'm a newbie in the world of incubating/hatching.
yes its normal the chicks are finding there legs and end up back flipping

i decided not to help my chicks and they managed to get up ok and it also helps them get stronger to do it them selves

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