{{{URGENT}}} [Graphic Warning] Hurt Duck


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Sep 2, 2019
Early morning I woke up to find my ducks had been attacked by a raccoon the previous night. Her Honey killed, and her frightened in the corner in shock. Has large wound behind her her neck (see pics). So far I have cleaned it with Betodine and put Bantixx on it, along with some bag balm. She is Drinking water and eating some food we have her inside under a lamp in keepsakes bin. Would like some help on how to treat the wound properly. Thank You.


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Is the wound deep. You could use blue kote keep it clean don’t let home get stressed out keep him in a dark space so he doesn’t get stressed out.
Hi, I really don’t know what to suggest but I’d maybe say keep her out of the water as to not get bacteria in the wound. If any bacteria gets in there she could get sepsis. I’d keep her dry and try and keep the wound as clean as possible by making sure she stays in a clean environment until she heals. Make sure she has company at all times so she doesn’t fret and keep a close eye on her. If you can maybe take her to the vet but I understand that’s very expensive.

I’m not sure what else to suggest after what everyone else has already said but I hope she recovers and my heart goes out to you, that’s awful :hit

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