Urgent Help!! My duckling isn't zipping after at least 12hrs

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    Jan 27, 2013
    A chick is troubled if it's pipped but hasn't started unzipping AFTER 24 hours, or if the bit of exposed membrane around the pipping hole is starting to turn tan and dry.
    Well this is what happened to my duckling, I removed a small area around the pip and the membrane is white without any veins running through it. The duckling is still peeping and poking her bill out but has still not zipped 12hrs later. I have been put warm towels around the shell and placing her back in the incubator. In addition she pipped at the smaller end of the egg.
    Also, I just changed the wet paper towel and the membrane that's exposed has turned brown, she starts peeping
    alot as soon as she hears me.
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    I think she may need a little help. Take a pair of tweezers are carefully break bits of the shell off, working your way around the eggs, effectively splitting the shell in half. If you see blood, even a little bit, wet it and put her back in the incubator with the humidity up. If there's no blood open the shell enough so she can kick out by herself and put her back so she can complete the hatch.

    Have a look at this article too. It explains assisted hatches and what you should see and what to do when and explains the hatching process very well. It's good to know when you are hatching eggs and you run into trouble! Plus it's an informative read:


    Good luck and let us know how it went!
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    I think we have two threads going on this??? let me know which one to post in please? [​IMG]
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    Update please?

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