Urgent Help Needed, Duckling having issues


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7 Years
Feb 25, 2012
Bay Point, CA
Hello I'm hoping someone can help me out. I have six 3 week old ducklings all are doing great except one. One of my buffs is much smaller than the rest, has a couple bald spots and this morning I found her on her back unable to get up. She's running around with the others now acting normal eating drinking. This is the first time I've had any issue with any of my ducks so I'm freaking out. Any ideas on what it could be? Thank you in advance for any input.
hmm..if she's fully formed and all i'm not sure what could cause her to be smaller than the others. sometimes when they're tiny they have a hard time getting up when they fall over. I've had some fall on their back like that and they have a rough time getting flipped over..if she's eating and drinking normally i wouldn't worry too much..maybe add a little niacin to the diet ..

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