Urgent Help Needed!


9 Years
Feb 19, 2010
East Tennessee
Ok guys,

Roughly 35 days ago my Muscovy duck (Candace
) went broody on 5 of her own eggs. Well 3 were infertile and 1 more quit around day 10 or so (roughly, I have a 3 day window when she go serious about setting). Anyways the lone egg she's been setting so well she quit sitting on today... I candled to see if maybe it was bad too but the duck inside has pipped internally! She wants nothing to do with the nest and when I went out to check a bit ago the egg was getting cool, so I stuffed it under a guinea that has just recently started to sit (a little over a week ago). I left some eggs in her nest in case she goes back to it, but so far she is out running around playing in puddles that have formed after 3 days of rain.

Here is the dilemma, if she doesn't go back to the nest should I let the guinea hatch the egg and then take the baby away so she stays setting on her eggs? I DO have an incubator, but it has a egg turner with some guinea eggs 2 weeks in to incubating. I did look and there is enough room to put an egg on one side if I just push the egg turner to one side, I mean exact fit, Should I put the egg in the incubator and raise humidity or leave the egg under the guinea? This little guy/gal is SO close to coming into this world (while I know there still is a good chance he/she wont hatch) I'd hatch to be the one that makes a terrible decision and causes it not to hatch...

Thanks for any and all help!
Never mind, I went out and she had pulled her egg from under the guinea and was happily sleeping with it under her.... Fingers crossed it hatches and she is a good mommy to him/her.

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