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    Feb 18, 2014
    I have this one hen who seems to be wheezing, coughing, off-balanced, and drowsy with tired looking eyes. She's one of my 2 only Dominique's and don't want to lose her. Her sisters comb is bright red and much larger and hers seems to be shrunken dull and about the same size as when she was a chick. She seems to have her feathers puffed up all the time and appears much stockier than her sister. I originally thought maybe it was just a cold and so i didn't do much but administered some electrolytes and probiotics. She was still eating and slightly active until today. When i came to check on the chicks and to feed them i saw her and she was limping with her toes curled under her foot. With a closer look it seemed the part of her top knuckles (which she had been walking on were red. Her feet also had a slight green tint to them and her leg scales seemed loose. My real issue was the other hens seem to be pecking at her now and tearing out her feathers. When this happens she falls over and lets them peck and scratch at her. I took her and separated her in a part of the coop that is isolated and left her with some corn, grass, and water. Plus a handful of mealworms. Before posting this i looked up some symptoms on BYC and i've come across many things from a respiratory infection to gape worm and am lost in treatment and prevention for the other flock members.
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    Best you can do at this point is try to get a blood test, I suppose. Some people will probably know a lot more than I do, so all I can tell you is try to get some sort of a sample to a vet, and start narrowing down symptoms. Also, keep a real keen eye on the rest of your flock.

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