URGENT: Hen bitten by fox


In the Brooder
6 Years
Apr 22, 2013
I heard the commotion and got outside fast enough to keep her from being killed, but one of my older hens got bitten by a fox. The first bite is on her leg and looks nasty but survivable. The second bit is near her vent and while it isn't bleeding heavily she has a pretty decent 1/2 chunk that is torn away from the vent. I will add a picture as soon as my stupid phone charges enough to get one. It doesn't look life threatening to me, but I am very new to this so I really have no idea. I knew this was a possibility since they free-range, but I am surprisingly ticked off at that fox.
Ok, a more complete exam and I don't actually think her vent is damaged. I was seeing blood from where feathers got pulled out. She has a pretty good bald spot from the encounter.

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