URGENT- How much food and water would I need for two weeks?


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Ok I am told we are going somewhere tommorrow (it's urgent):( for two weeks, but my mom or anyone else I know dosent know how to give chickens food or water.

So, how much food and water would I need for two weeks? We have 5 medium sized chickens (Australorps). There are four hens and one rooster. I don't want to see them dead when we get back.

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Jul 2, 2015
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not the best situation, but sometimes things happen. If you put out 3 full large gravity feeders (2.5 gal) or 2 big galvanized and 3 large waterers, 15 or so gallons, they should be ok. I think figure out how much you typically feed, multiply that out, then double it for safety.


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Jun 3, 2013
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I'd put out a lot more than you think you'll need. I hope you have it on hand. I had a similar situation and just put out what I had, was plenty. I usually free range, but being locked up they didn't eat as much. If they spill it on the ground, they can peck it up okay. Make sure they have plenty of water. Good luck and tell us how it turns out. If you don't have enough feed and cannot get it, I'd leave the coop open and make sure they have water, then let them fend for themselves. You could get lucky and they'd survive. Sometimes even the best option is not very good.

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