URGENT~ please help us save the kangaroos~ petition/NEWS!!!


12 Years
Mar 3, 2007
4 hours from Sydney Australia
Hi all,
There is a mass cull planned for a mob a mob of kangaroos in Canberra.
Wildcare which is the prganisation that I rehab magpies for has offered to tranquilise them all and relocate them to a beautiful property near Braidwood NSW.
This is possible, however for some stupid reason the Government has changed their mind.
The area where the roos are now has been fenced off and they are trapped awaiting their fate.
Sir Paul McCartney has signed this petition in a case which is getting worldwide attention.
So if you would like to help. or for more info on this emergency please see the link below.
http://www.canberraroos.com/ for in depth info.
PETITION LINK: http://www.gopetition.com.au/online/17501.html
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Thankyou so much, its greeat to see people from all over the world signing!
You can even view the list and see where everyone is from.
It doesnt take long to sign either. no joining and you can be anonymous and even leave a message!!!!
Signed it and sending to a few friends too!
Wow, thank you from the bottomm of my heart.
I dont usually ask for mass help but this is totally ridiculous, they can be transported easily at no cost so whats their problem.
Im ashamed of our Government if they go ahead, talk about hypocrites, defending poor whales and now they are killing innocent animals in THEIR own homes!

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