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Apr 21, 2009
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sorry for the urgency, but I am about to go get some more chicks....

I have 27 chicks that are a week old, variety of breeds. I am about to go get 2 more, cochins. The lady that has them has week old up to 5weeks. I told her I prefer the week olds, since it is the same age as mine.

Can I put these directly in the brooder with mine? I leave in an hour, so I'm hoping for a quick response!
i would not introduce them right away. Put them away from others incase of them transfering anything to your flock.

Then slowly introduce them to you other birds, they might try to peck them to dealth cause they don't know them. Shouldn't take long since they are close in age.

I am having the same issues with my new chicks and hens.....geessshh Chicken fights! Would have thought i was in Tampa at a cock fight
At a week old I wouldn't worry about fighting and if they are from the same place the risk from disease is probably not all that high. I added about five chickies to my brooder about a week and a half after my others and there wasn't a problem at all. Good Luck, and post pics!

thanks for all the advice!! I went ahead and put them in, the others didn't seem to pay attention at all!! I will make sure to keep an eye on them though!!

Aren't they sweet?! This was before I put them in.

You really need to listen to the pp about biosecurity.
I know how hard it is to keep new chicks separated, but if the flock you received the chicks from had anything, even without any symptoms, it could, wipeout your entire flock.
Look up purplechicken (I think), he posted an important video regarding this heartbraking subject.
Good luck!
I asked my good friend about the biosecurity, She has had over 65-70 chickens for many, many years...she assured my they would be okay. She has never quarantined hers when adding new birds.

Now before I get blasted with responses, I realize there are many opinions on this subject. The person I got the cochins from has a well established flock, she breeds them and every area that I looked at, all seemed very healthy.

thanks for the opinions, but Laverne and Shirley are getting along great with the others.

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