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Aug 1, 2010
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My chicks are about 2 months old.. so they are out in the coop. They have there own separate area at night (as they cant reach the roosts) but my lone hen shelly picks on them! every time they eat a peice of grass in the run she runs over and pecks them.. She is a bantie, so it wont be long till there as big as her.. But in the mean time ... What do i do?! Lately i have been letting her free range, and the chicks run around the run... And i put her in at sundown.

Here is a pic:

Meet "Pavy" Pavarotti


My escape artist! Somehow found this hole (in our huge newly constructed run! How did it get there!??!?! )
And escaped! Dont worry i got her


here she is escaped! With my hen free ranging

Meet Frank Sinatra

Freddy Mercury (who is a girl)

Lillian <3

And of course... SHELLY!
Sounds like you are doing the right thing. It takes time to acclimate everyone to each other. Also keep in mind that there will be some pecking until the pecking order is established.
the3ofus+oursixchicks :

what is pecking order?

Dominance rate among the chickens. At the top is the bravest and the ones who get first pick at the food, the roosts and the nestboxes.. The bottom ones.. get whats left.​
Yeah, but its like there taking her food, by even eatting a blade of grass. They dont challenge her.. in fact they try to cuttle with her. but she pecks them. She is very sweet to me.. falls alseep in my arms..
Im a noob at this but from everything ive read so far i agree with the other responder- shes showing those young whippersnappers who the REAL boss is. Sounds normal to me, but if she starts drawing blood on them or pecking bare spots on them Id post here asking for more advice.

Edit: just reread your post. You asked what you should do. I wouldnt do anything but keep an eye on them to make sure blood isnt being drawn and bald spots dont develop.
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ok. when does pecking order stop or at least slow down? i cant leave my 6 week old ones with the around 12 week old ones. the little ones want to sleep on top of the chick house of course the big ones are in it.

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