use chiclens to kill grass?

chiques chicks

7 Years
May 11, 2012
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
I want to use my chickens to kill sections of lawn!
If I leave 13 birds a 20x8 run on the lawn, can I count on them to destroy it?
I know it sounds odd, but it is next to my garden where I want to expand. My pls is to move them yearly to a then different section of garden and allow them to be my weed and feed. Is this practical? Will they do a good job turning that kind of area to wasteland?
Do I need to cut down on the area?

Thank you for dealing with an odd bird.
Not all that bad an idea. They get greens, denude and fertilize in return. It will take a while, but they can clear your garden patch.
My run is 22x5, my 8 chickens destroyed it and turned into black compost in no time. I've cleaned the run 2-5 times a day and I couldn't get "all" of the poop. It stinks when it rains. It use to be sand and now it's more like black I just took a bucket out and used that to transplant a maple tree. Worked very well!
I use chicken to remove grass, weeds and anything that might be growing that I don't want. I used them this winter to remove weeds and grass from a terrace I have that was over grown.

When I moved them I just over-seeded with new grass seeds and ended up with a great looking lawn on the terrace.
I mostly use them in the garden to take out vegetation.

Five chickens can strip 250 sq. ft. of ground in a weeks time.
If I leave 13 birds a 20x8 run on the lawn, can I count on them to destroy it?

Mine are just chicks and it only took them a few days of being in the run to get the hang of it.. Now all six of them are busy scratching digging and shredding and ingesting a 4x6 area. I expect them to have it cleared in a week or so. ... Until we get some eggs, they will earn their keep by doing the weeding and (of course) with non stop fertilizer production.
I use all my young birds to "mow" what used to be my backyard. Now it has become a chicken pasture. I have three tractors that I move twice a day and they keep the lawn short enough
If you leave the run where it is over the winter you can add lots of leaves and other compostable material and they will till it into flussy compost by spring. Just give them bags of leaves and they will till and poop and have a blast.
I want to use my chickens to kill sections of lawn!...can I count on them to destroy it?...

I sure hope so. Got a wooded backyard full of briar's, raspberry bushes and who knows what that when the chickens free range will clean up for me. At least that's the plan.
Thank you for giving me hope my plan succeeds! I like the idea of adding in the winter, but that would entail raking! I have enough work. Leaves stay where they fall, and grass clippings, and trees (unless in my way). I guess ill just have to throw some of my weeds, garden junk in there for now. Decide what to do for winter when it arrives. Maybe hay bales?

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