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Was in TS yesterday looking for more ways to boost protein for my girls who are moulting. I currently use sunflower seed, meat and fish, etc., but had read about game bird feed and such and wanted to check that out. I didn't realize that Flock Raiser has 22% protein vs. Layena at 16%. Since I offer free choice oyster shell, I bought a 50 lb bag of the Flock Raiser and am mixing it with the layer feed for this round. While there, a couple was going on and on about Flock Block (which I've heard mention of here on BYC) and how their chickens eat a LOT less layer feed when they keep Flock Blocks around. But these look like big blocks of scratch mixed w/other things to me. I read the label and it's only maybe 9% protein, which of course isn't going to help my girls grow feathers back any quicker. So is Flock Block mostly a treat, like scratch???? I can see offering it this winter to build up fat/energy and maybe to help with boredom, but I can't see using it to cut feed. Am I looking at this the right way??? I've always used the "candy bar" analogy when referring to scratch, and that's kind of how I see these Flock Blocks.
I bought one the other day. I figured I'd give it to them for something to ocuppy them if the weather gets real cold. It normally doesn't where I live but it did last year. Also, thought it might warm up their belly's.
I agree, about the only thing it's good for is to give them something to do if they are cramped and bored.

Do be aware that layer is 16% because that has been shown to be the best % for best egg production. I increase protein when they need it, too, like regrowing feathers, but don't be surprised if it cuts down just a bit on egg production. Of course, when they're moulting, you won't get a lot of eggs anyway.
Yep it's used mostly in winter. I use them too because my birds are locked up tight over winter and don't want to even think about getting snow on their feeties. It helps keep them content. I mix up layer feed with gamebird for extra protein over the winter as well.

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