used LG Sill air bator and turner NY/ship

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    Dec 16, 2008
    because winning bidder failed to pay I am re-listing

    My first bator. It was purchased 6 years ago and is dialed in well at the moment. It is an LG still Air foam and in good condition with all its parts and in working condition. I added a knob for the temp control, and there is a turner, it is the older model and only has 3 egg trays in it and is missing 2-3 trays. Works just fine but I have 5 other bators so I have no use for it anymore. I will add a pic later. I will ship it out UPS [​IMG]

    I have estimated the cost, buyer must agree to pay the difference if it is more and I will refund the difference if it is less. [​IMG]


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    Jeeze, I hope you are leaving bad feedback for all those people who did not pay you!!!!!!
    There, I said it

    If I win, I will pick it up
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