Uses for duck feathers


8 Years
Apr 8, 2011
Hi guys! My ducks are molting their adolescent feathers and are starting to get their adult feathers
Are there things that I can do with the feathers other than make jewelry, stuff pillows, use them in decoration, etc? Some of the feathers are so gorgeous it would be a shame to waste them.
You may be able to sell them to people for crafts or for tying flies for fly fishing.
True, very true. Thanks for the idea!Tomorrow I'm gonna be running around the yard picking up as many duck feathers as possible
The good looking feathers can be cast into resin and turned into turning blanks to make pens. Mostly use tail feathers from chickens and game birds for this, but I'm sure some kinds of duck feathers would make nice pen blanks.

That or use them for fly fishing.
I found three drake tail feathers last year- the curly ones- I have made them into a little piece of artwork in a deep frame. They can make an interesting piece of wall art when using different coloured and patterned ones.

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