Using a Hammer Mill to make your own chicken feed

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    Hello everyone we have recently been looking into getting a hammer mill and start making our own organic feed. I've done some research on the internet but haven't found a lot of the information i've been looking for. So, if anyone has used or uses a hammer mill what size and style is best suited for beginners. Also, if anyone has any feed recipes they would like to share i know it may vary given whats available in the area you live. Thanks in advance!
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    What kinds of grains and seeds would you be purchasing?

    What I feed is this:
    1/3 organic chick starter which the only ingredients are roasted soy and corn with vitamins/minerals
    2/3 of the following mix, which varies according to what I feel like feeding:

    rolled barley
    rolled oats
    black oil sun seeds
    organic cracked corn
    split peas

    oyster shell and grit mixed into the feed
    grass available to eat at all times (you need greens at all times if diluting out the vitamin/mineral mixes
    woodstove ashes for minerals available and they love this for dustbaths too

    I don't crack/grind anything myself.
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