Using chicken poo on veg patch


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Mar 29, 2013
I got my chickens in April and ive gathered all the poo into my compost bin its now been sitting there since April. My plan (im sure i read it somewhere) is to, at the end of the veg season (within the next month) to empty my compost bin onto my veg patch and leave it on the top to sit there over winter until the spring.
I just wanted to get confirmation that its the ok or correct thing to do..and if so would it be fine to dig it in during the spring and then plant my veg?
Thanks for any replies in advance
That is ideal. It's what do and have done for almost 50 years.

I do disk mine in, however, along with the plant trash. Best Manure Handling methods require cessation of manure applications 60 days before next planting season. For us, we begin planting a few things mid May. Thus, we cease all applications on March 15th.
Thanks Fred, i just wanted to be sure pathogens wise this was safe as far as planting veg on it next Spring

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